Board Members






Johnny Eubanks Private Sector, Liberty County Chair 6/30/18
Arthur Obar, Jr. Private Sector, Jackson County Vice-Chair 6/30/20
Raymond Russell Private Sector, Calhoun County Secretary-Treasurer 6/30/19
Janice Sumner Private Sector, Calhoun County   6/30/18
Mary McKenzie Private Sector, Calhoun County   6/30/20
Tom Jenkins Private Sector, Holmes County   6/30/19
Debbie Kolmetz Private Sector, Holmes County   6/30/20
Vacant Private Sector, Holmes County    
Jared Banta Private Sector, Jackson County   6/30/19
Travis Ephriam Private Sector, Jackson County   6/30/19
Donnie Read Private Sector, Liberty County   6/30/20
Ralph Whitfield Private Sector, Liberty County   6/30/19
Darrin Wall Private Sector, Washington County   6/30/19
Zenna Corbin Private Sector, Washington County   6/30/20
Vacant Private Sector, Washington County    
Larry Moore Education   6/30/19
Sarah Clemmons Post Secondary Education   6/30/19
Keith Sutton Vocational Rehabilitation   6/30/19
Scott Kilpatrick Organiized Labor   6/30/18
Kristy Terry Economic Development   6/30/18
Jesse Smallwood CBO/Representing Veterans   6/30/20
Natalie Hardy CBO/Representing Individuals with Barriers to Employment   6/30/18
Andy Jackson Organized Labor   6/30/19
Martha Compton Post Secondary/Vocational Education   6/30/19
Frances Henderson CBO/Representing Disabled   6/30/19